Integrated Prenatal Screen (IPS) Instructions


Requisitions: You should have…

2 North York General Requisitions, 

2 General Lab Requisitions (IPS#1 & IPS#2), and

1 Ultrasound Requisition. 

(Please bring all your requisitions with you to your IPS appointments.)


IPS Step 1:  IPS Ultrasound followed by Bloodwork the same day.

(the ultrasound must be completed before the bloodwork)

Timing: From 11wksto13wks + 6days of gestation/pregnancy.

Date range :_________________________


•      Book your obstetrical ultrasound at a location that performs IPS ultrasounds.  You must have a full bladder – drink 5 large glasses of water (1litre) 1 hour prior to your appointment.

•      Bloodwork is to be done right after your ultrasound or within 24 hours.  If you are booking the IPS ultrasound at Stevenson Memorial Hospital then you must go to an outside lab (like LifeLabs) to complete the bloodwork.  All Lifelabs are closed at noon on the last Wednesday of every month.


IPS Step 2: Bloodwork only

Timing: From 15 wks to 18 wks + 6 days gestation/pregnancy.

Date range :__________________________


•      Can be completed at any lab.

•      Take the remaining requisitions with you (General Lab Requisition “IPS#2” and the North York General requisition)