(after the baby is born)

In the first hours immediately following the birth of your child, a midwife will make sure that both you and your baby are doing well, assist with infant feeding and complete a physical examination of your baby.

Healthy women who have given birth in hospital to healthy infants have the option of early discharge (usually 4 hours after the birth), but they are welcome to stay at the hospital for up to 2 days. Should you choose to leave the hospital early, rest assured that with midwifery care, we will come to your home for a follow-up assessment within 24 hours, and expert care is always available by phone.

We continue to support and assist you with infant feeding and newborn care, and monitor your and your baby’s health until six weeks after birth. Starting with visits at the hospital and/or home in the first week after the baby is born, visits continue at the clinic until the final visit at six weeks following the birth.